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HDS Web Design/Wordpress Customization

Homepage Design & Support offers custom WordPress designs. Since each design is special and unique to each customer, we do not offer packages. To get a quote for a WordPress Web Design, please submit our quote form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Graphic Design Pricing

Here are some of the services we can provide with our Simple Pricing Plan: The first image is $25 to design. If you want any additional images using the same files and fonts as the original, they are just $5 each.

– 2 Static Siggies/Names/Words (JPG or PNG)

– 1 Static Banner or Button Ad (JPG or PNG)

– 2 Blinkies or Glittery Siggie/Name/Word (Animated GIF)

– 1 Animated Banner or Button Ad (Animated GIF)


We can also create…

– Static Website or Blog Header

– 3 Static Slide Images for use on a slideshow on your website or blog

– Logo Design

(These are highly customized designs, so pricing will vary depending on your needs. Contact us for a quote for these designs.)

Newly added: QR Code Creation! – Just $10 for a print-ready code.

If you don’t see what you are looking for on the list above, you can contact us for a quote.

Training Services




Online Training using Skype and/or Telephone

$40.00 per hour

(Includes FREE PDF Tutorial)

PDF Tutorial Only – Sent via Email $10.00 per tutorial

Website Management Packages

Website Management packages include the monitoring of WordPress Software and plugins, with appropriate data backups and upgrades as necessary. Also included under maintenance is the verification of hyperlinks, to ensure they continue to take site visitors to the proper locations. If any “dead” links are found, or no longer direct users to the proper location, they will be fixed as soon as possible. Content updates include, but are not limited to: the addition of new pages and/or posts provided by the client, changing information that is on current pages when requested, the addition of media (images, video, audio, etc.) as necessary, changes to the sidebars of any pages on the site as required, and keeping social media links current and working.

The only difference between the packages are the amount of time you require for maintenance of your blog or website.

Pay as you Go:

$40.00 per hour – If you feel comfortable doing some of the posting and maintenance of your site, but may need some help from time to time, this is the best choice for you.

Bronze Package:

$75.00 per month – This is the base package. You get two hours of maintenance and updates per month with this package. This is good for smaller websites and blogs with 6 pages or less.

**Savings over Pay as You Go Rate: $5.00 per month**

Silver Package:

$150.00 per month – This is a good package for the average website or blog (that has between 7 and 12 pages). You get four hours of maintenance and updates per month with this package.

**Savings over Pay as You Go Rate: $10.00 per month**

Gold Package:

$220.00 per month – This is package is designed for large sites or blogs (with 13-18 pages). You get six hours of maintenance and updates per month with this package.

**Savings over Pay as You Go Rate: $20.00 per month**

Platinum Package:

$360.00 per month – This is the ultimate package, designed for very large sites or blogs. This is also a great package for customers that need many content updates during the month. You get ten hours of maintenance and updates per month.

**Savings over Pay as You Go Rate: $40.00 per month**